Updated list of SANAS accredited verification agencies

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As at: 25th June 2009 this is what SANAS is showing:
Aqrate (Pty) Ltd
Aqrate KZN (Pty) Ltd
BEE – Matrix Cc
BEE BIZ Compliance (Pty) Ltd
BEE Empowered and Labour Consultancy Cc
BEE Rating Solutions (Pty) Ltd
BEE Verification Agency CC
BEESA Rating Services (Pty) Ltd
DRGSiyaya (Pty) Ltd
Emex Trust
Empowerdex (Pty) Ltd
EmpowerLogic (Pty) Ltd
Grant Thorton
Honeycomb BEE Ratings (Pty) Ltd
Integra Scores (Pty) Ltd
lquad Verification Services (Pty) Ltd
National Empowerment Rating Agency – Gauteng
Prostart Traders 24 (Pty) Ltd t/a CENFED BEE Verification Agency
Small Enterprises Rating Agency (Pty) Ltd


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