Verification turbulence affects felt country wide

The Verification industry has come under serious fire this past week when it emerged that some verification agencies had been issuing BEE verification certificates using the wrong scorecard. SANAS has been forced into action and demanded of the offending agencies to immediately withdraw their BEE Certificates. This has caused some embarrassment to the offending agencies and any company caught out.

EconoBEE began investigating this form of BEE fronting some months back when it discovered a corrolation between agencies participating in this devious activity and the fact that they had not yet been issued with an extension of scope to verify against those sector codes.

Industry bodies such as Construction, Forestry, Tourism and Transport decided to create their own BEE Sector code. The intention of the sector specific code is to ensure the rate of transformation in the sector rapidly increases and the industry benefits. However if the verification agencies – the very companies intended to ensure compliance is measured fairly – do not use the sector codes they are wasting the industry bodies and tax payers money and worse, slowing down the rate of transformation.

Further, these activities have hurt the verification agencies who had spent the time and effort to study the sector codes and apply for an extension of scope to issue scorecards for those sectors.

A sector code is binding on all members of the industry. The verification agency does not have the right to choose which scorecard to follow. SANAS has now confirmed that only the applicable scorecard is valid.

We are pleased that SANAS has taken action and hope to see all companies affected by this rather unfortunate occurance produce a valid BEE certificate using the correct BEE sector code.
If your scorecard is produced using the wrong sector codes please contact us to help you convert your scorecard into the correct BEE sector scorecard.

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