We turned away business

Original publish date – Wed, 14 Jul 2010 10:03:35 +0000, Keith

Getting and customers and keeping them and making profits is as important to us as anyone. We received a request from a client to produce their EME documentation. As part of the process we ask the client to supply their turnover and industry. It turned out at the client is in the built environment (the generic term for quantity surveyors, architects and other professionals involved in the construction industry, but not construction itself).
The EME threshold for EMEs in the built environment is not R5 million, but R1.5 million. We had to go back to the client to confirm that their turnover is this case was below R1.5million, which it was not. The client was still quite keen for us to produce the documentation, but we knew that this was wrong, and explained the new situation to the client – that it would have to produce a scorecard and get it verified based on the construction sector codes. We obviously agreed to refund any monies paid to us, but would hope that the client would return in the near future to attend a training course or ask for consulting to help build up their scorecard.


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