What has happened to the sector codes?

Original publish date – Mon, 08 Jun 2009 09:41:57 +0000, Keith

On 14th May 2009, the dti announced that the tourism, construction and forestry sector codes had been gazetted. The dti said that the government gazette document would be published on their web site on 18th May. Subsequently the tourism sector code was published, and must now be followed by all enterprises in the tourism industry. However the construction and forestry sector codes are nowhere to be found.
Initially the dti blamed the government printer for the delay. Today is the 8th June – surely there is sufficient time to print/publish a document that has already been gazetted – if the dti is to be believed?
I can only guess that there was some fault with the construction and forestry charters, that they had to be sent back to the relevant steering committees.

If so, this will be a big disappointment. It has taken over 2 years to get the first charter into a sector code and legally binding – the tourism charter. The second and third charters would have been construction and forestry – which now seem to have problems. so there is the possibility of further delays to the charters and further excuses that enterprises will use not to comply.

As is becoming the norm, the dti is taking a really good set of legislation and sabotaging it by their own inefficiency.


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