What is a non-accredited verification agency?

Original publish date – Fri, 15 Jan 2010 14:49:52 +0000, Keith

In his notice defining which scorecards are acceptable, the minister referred to “non accredited verification agencies”. We asked the dti for the definition of a non-accredited verification agency.

The dti’s answer was:
“Although a non-accredited Verification Agency is not defined but it means precisely a Verification Agency that is not accredited.” (sic)
This did not seem very useful so we asked SANAS the same question.
SANAS’ answer was: “Please refer to the definition as provided by the DTI.”
This clearly implies that there is no definition.

I wonder why the minister bothered to issue a notice using a phrase that has no definition?

And the president wonders why the pace of transformation is so slow!


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