Where are the black businesses?

Original publish date – Thu, 19 Feb 2009 06:20:02 +0000, Keith

The codes allocate extra points for black owned (50%) or black women owned businesses (30%) for procurement. Also you can earn enterprise development points by supporting those types of businesses. Yet so many people I see cannot find these businesses. I visited a client two days ago, and recommended that they do something fast – their year-end is 28 February – one week away. The easiest way to earn extra points is by supporting black owned (50%) or even 25% black owned businesses, and paying their invoices COD! However many businesses do not have back owned suppliers or do not know that some of theirs suppliers fall into that category.

It’s a shame that too few black owned businesses exist and too few advertise their competitive advantage – what they can do for their own customers.

Is there a database of black, and especially black women owned businesses that we can all refer to? Should we start such a database?


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