Where are the disabled people?

Original publish date – Wed, 03 Jun 2009 08:47:20 +0000, Keith

I have clients who want to try to find positions for disabled people in their business.  Strange to say it is not that easy to find CVs of candidates. We are not a recruitment agency, so I googled for disabled recruitment agencies, even SED beneficiaries that support disabled people. There are some recruitment agencies specialising in placing disabled people, but not many. I happened to find an organisation called Disabled People of South Africa , but their web site is not that user friendly and does not offer CVs of candidates. They have a “Disability Economic Empowerment Programme”. I’ll try to get more information about it.

I know that one of our clients supports the Hamlet Foundation, and employs many of their residents. Another client employs many deaf people.

I wonder if the various agencies are trying hard enough to find employment for the peole they help and support. If you know of any agencies or people let me know – we’ll try to help with advertising the candidates CVs.


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