Why use EconoBEE for your EME requirements?

Original publish date – Thu, 29 Apr 2010 13:30:57 +0000, Keith

Most people know that if their annual turnover is less than R5million then they are classed as an EME – exempt micro enterprise. They believe that they are exempt from BEE and do not need to take any action. They hope that their customer will recognize them as being exempt and that they will win the business they want.

This is unfortunately not true. An EME is generally, but not always a business with a turnover of less than R5million. Some industries, e.g construction have changed those thresholds.

More importantly it is not sufficient to tell your customer that you are exempt or expect them to guess!

You need to tell your customer why you are an EME, and you need to prove this, usually by means of an auditors letter/certificate.

Why use EconoBEE? We will help phrase the document/letter you need to send your customer. We help explain to your customer why you are exempt and how it will assist your customer in continuing to do business with you.
Most importantly, we will talk to your customer if he is not satisfied and give him all the documentation he needs to convince him that you have given him the right information. There has been the odd occasion that a company has rejected our EME pack. In all cases, we work on the side of our client to convince the customer to change his mind. In every single case we have won the legal issue, and satisfied the customer.

We know of businesses that have tried to explain their EME status to their customer, failed to convince them and lost the business. It won’t happen with us. We will satisfy and convince your customer!


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