Workshop – Tax incentives in Structuring BEE Deals

This workshop has taken place. Please read our report back in the news section of this site.

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EconoBEE is proud to announce a half day workshop:

Tax Incentives in Structuring BEE deals

Presented by Cathy Bryant 

Clever businesses are already doing BEE deals to ensure future business. The really clever business knows that there are various tax breaks when you do your BEE equity deal.

This half-day workshop is aimed at business owners, financial directors, MDs who are investigating ways of increasing business and their levels of BEE compliancy. It is essential to know what to do, BEFORE you jump headlong into a bad deal. This workshop shows you how to profit from your BEE deal, and how the tax act can work to assist you, and even your staff who may be the new shareholders. It is important to create the correct structures and set up the correct legal agreements.

We cover these aspects from a business point of view, and make the solutions presented here practical.


08:30-09:00Welcome/ Broad-based black economic empowerment – the BEE scorecard – latest news Keith Levenstein
09:00-09:25 Why ownership equity may be a good idea – how to retain and increase business, and how to choose the right partnerCathy Bryant
09:25-10:00 Why offer employees a stake in your business?Cathy Bryant
10:00-10:30 Tax breaks – How to structure the deal Cathy Bryant
10:30-10:50 Tea/coffee/muffins  
10:50 -11:20Structures: Employee trusts: pros and cons – tax and legal considerations.Cathy Bryant
11:20-11:45How to finance equity deals – tax considerations.Cathy Bryant
11:45-12:15  Shareholders agreements, trust agreements. Practical “how-to checklist” to go about implementing a broad-based black economic empowerment dealCathy Bryant
12:15-12:30Questions and answers 

What you will learn:

  • if it is a good idea to look for a BEE partner.
  • the best way to find the partner
  • how to structure and finance the deal from a practical and tax viewpoint
  • how to ensure the future of your company 

What you will get:

A detailed handout of the presentation. Additional documents will include sample outlines of shareholder and trust agreements. Extracts from the relevant acts will be provided.

There are very few both tax and BEE experts in the country. If you had to pay for a private consultation you could pay up to R5000 per hour, and then extra for documents to be drafted. Attend this valuable workshop and learn more than you ever thought possible.

Venue: FNB Training Centre , 114 Grayston Drive, Sandton

Date: 21st September 2006

Price: R980 excl

Who Should Attend:

  • Financial directors, Managing Directors
  • Tax advisors
  • Corporate and merchant bankers 

About the presenters.

Cathy Bryant, BA LLB, LLM is a legal expert specializing in tax and BEE issues. She is a guest lecturer at Wits University, and runs her own legal practice. 

Keith Levenstein is CEO of Econoserv SA cc. EconoBEE is a division of EconoServ concentrating on BEE consulting. He is the author of EconoBEE Scorecard.

More information: Please see our brochure

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