Wow, a new procurement system

Original publish date – Fri, 14 Aug 2009 06:57:26 +0000, Keith

While procurement is worth 20 points on the B-BBEE scorecard, many people perceive it as being very admin intensive and generally a difficult tasks. You have to identify all your procurement by supplier and type of expense, then go through the big effort of asking each supplier for a BEE scorecard. Then you need to know what to do about the certificate you get from the supplier. Each certificate must be examined for accuracy, expiry date etc. You need to capture the data by supplier, by his type of enterprise, his value adding status, his ownership etc etc. Then there are the calculations itself. you need to remember to take into account and calculate the score for each indicator etc etc etc.

The etc,etc,etc etc sometimes become just too much for many businesses and they just give up, or simply lack the time and skills to do the job properly. After all you job is to make a profit, not get tied down in admin. There is a solution: We are working on our BEE Procured system, which takes the admin and pain out of procurement and maximises your points.

Imagine making a list of suppliers and spend, uploading it to our BEE Procured system, spending a couple of minutes working on the system and already earning the points. Imagine not have to call every single supplier – we already have many scorecards, so why duplicate the effort by phoning the supplier again. Imagine the system automatically looking up in our system for scorecards, and once you have confirmed the right scorecard it takes into account all the right details, and calculates the score you have earned. It identifies the suppliers without scores to be followed up, optionally by ourselves and instantly produces a report, that is perfect for your verification agency ensuring you earn all the procurement points you deserve.
The above is no longer a dream. We have been working on this system for the past 6 months to make it so easy to use that it will, GUARANTEED (*), cut your time and effort of doing procurement by 80% or increase your scorecard points by 30%. Procurement is going to become the easiest element on which to earn points, and your cost per point will be the lowest of any element of the element on the scorecard.

(*) Your money back, no questions asked!
This amazing system is nearing completion and will be available in time for our forthcoming Procurement and ED Conference. Delegates who book and pay for the event get a free one year license. Everyone else will have the opportunity of purchasing an annual license at a very reasonable rate shortly.

In my many years of developing cost effective solutions this is the one that has excited me the most because it has the potential to save our clients more time and money than anything prior and ensure they earn the points. 8 years ago I developed EconoSMS, an SMSing system, that is still in use at many clients. Their computer gave in before the system did! I am very proud of EconoAccounting, also an 8 year old product that does your accounts in a way that others have never done before (we call it the 5 minute per day accounting system). Our popular EconoBEE V3 is an easy to use system that helps you calculates your own BEE score and understand how BEE works.However BEE Procured is going to save more time and remove more aggravation than all our other systems put together.

I’m really excited, you should be too!


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