WSP and ATR deadline April 2017 – 7 March 2017

Well known BEE consultancy, EconoBEE, a division of the EconoServ group, is a successful leader in the BEE industry. We have many clients gaining value from our extensive experience. The good news is that we have expanded that process to EconoHR. EconoHR is a newly created division of EconoServ specialising in assistance with compliance with various HR related acts. This includes the Employment Equity Act, Skills Development and Skills Development Levies Act as well as the Labour Relations Act. Each field of expertise ensures that you are fully compliant with the legislation. There are many different pieces of legislation that exist and many overlaps between them.

Our EconoBEE consultants are working with our clients regularly in terms of earning more BEE points per the BEE codes of good practice and our EconoHR consultants are preparing for the busy period of submissions of the WSP (workplace skills plan) and ATR (Annual Training Report) by April 2017.

Skills Development is not as expensive as you may think.

The Skills Development Act aims to develop the skills of the South African workforce thereby improving the quality of life for workers and giving them more prospects of work. It also aims to improve productivity in the workplace, the competitiveness of employers and to promote development.

The Skills Development Levies collected by the SETA are channeled towards skills development. This levy can be claimed back by an employer if they submit their WSP, ATR and Pivotal training report and achieve the goals set out. Companies should also have a skills development committee whose responsibilities include monitoring the implementation of the WSP.

The WSP plays a significant role in the execution of education, training and development initiative in the organization. An employer needs to establish a WSP, which is a strategic document that details how the employer will address the needs for development and training in the workplace. The employer needs to consult with representatives from all occupational levels in the workplace in order to understand what skills are required by each person. This should be in line with the core and critical skills identified by the SETA.

The ATR is accurate documentation of all the training that has taken place in the reporting period in the organisation. Ie the ATR is the past information and the WSP is the future planned training.

When skills development is structured in the best way and core and critical skills are identified implementation becomes sustainable and ends up saving you money. Learnerships are a key strategy to achieving your goals as well as to take advantage of the tax allowances and employee tax incentives which reduces your overall cost.

What are the benefits of submitting your WSP and ATR reports?       

  • The WSP and ATR submission allows companies to receive points for BEE purposes. If you don’t submit you get zero BEE points.
  • In terms of the revised regulations, 50% of the levy paid can be returned to an employer in the form of a mandatory grant upon submission and approval of the WSP, ATR and Pivotal training report to the SETA and 10% in the form of a discretionary grant.
  • Discretionary grants are paid to registered employers who have expressed an interest in obtaining financial assistance from the SETA with the intention of pursuing relevant skills development projects.
  • The SETA will use this data to better equip the company as well as provide further development and support to its stakeholders.

EconoHR is hosting a series of workshops on “How to submit your WSP and ATR”.

Delegates will have a better understanding of the requirements of the SD Act and SDL Act. Delegates will have more knowledge on how to submit your documents and how to maximise your skills development spend. We will explain how targeted skills development can actually save you money via tax incentives and maximise your BEE skills development recognition.

For details on more of our workshops please visit our website.

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