You can tell a lot from a BEE Scorecard

Original publish date – Fri, 20 Feb 2009 14:15:38 +0000, Gavin

In my industry I am often sent a BEE scorecard, just today I received one from a potential supplier.

Equity Ownership 23.00
Management & Control 9.50
Employment Equity 3.10
Skills Development 1.10
Preferential Procurement 12.23
Enterprise Development 15 00
Socio-economic Development 3.27

They were a generic company which means they are above R35 million. They were black owned and did very well on ownership and management which is natural.

Their employment equity was low as was their skills development. I wondered why their employment equity is so low, it is easier to find a black employee because there are more black people in SA than white. Similarly it does not give me confidence that they earned 1 point out of 15 in Skills Development. Do they spend no money on training. This point is something that I just cant seem to understand they did so well on Ownership and Management but almost nothing in EE and Skills.

Procurement and Enterprise Development they did well in which means they are fairly active in buying from compliant suppliers and in helping small businesses grow.

SED they did not reach their targets. SED are amongst the easiest points to earn, why did they not get them?

In summary, this organisation did well – I am however concerned about dealing with them because of the amount they spend on training.


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